What is Off-Page SEO? More Than Just Link Building

There are many names for off-page SEO: Digital PR. Link building. Outreach. The end goal is the same; gaining relevant backlinks and organic rankings to drive traffic and introduce potential customers to your business. While technical and on-page SEO work focuses on improving your own web properties for search, off-page SEO places a focus on promoting your brand to other reputable domains with the goal of gaining notoriety through mentions and links pointing back to your site. These strategies include link building, content promotion, and influencer marketing. No SEO strategy is complete without technical, on-page, and off-page SEO working together to drive results.


Why Off-Page SEO?

Backlinks matter.

Backlinks from relevant websites matter a lot. Studies show that when it comes to organic search algorithms, more than half of the ranking factors used to determine organic rankings are directly impacted by off-page SEO factors.

A strong backlink profile is essential to SEO success. Backlinks indicate trust, authority, and relevance for your brand. As trust, authority, and relevance grow for your brand and your website, so do your SEO rankings and in-turn, traffic to your site.

When done right, a proper off-page SEO strategy does not just result in organic rankings growth; direct and referral traffic from qualified potential customers grows as well.

Off-Page SEO Strategies

There are many ways to approach off-page SEO work. Here’s how we help our clients grow their backlink profiles and organic search rankings:

Off-Page SEO Competitive Analysis

How can you compete in an organic landscape when you don’t know what your competitors are doing? We’ll work with you to identify your top competitors, then venture down the rabbit hole to uncover what they are doing in the digital PR and SEO space. Content promotion? Guest posting? Are their executives answering HARO queries? We’ll map out at a high level what their backlink profile looks like compared to yours, and then dig into how they’re achieving it.

Content Promotion

Great content is the backbone of any strong off-page SEO strategy, and you’ll need to promote your content to gain notoriety for your brand. We’ll lead the way in producing, pitching, and promoting engaging, shareworthy content that lives on your website. Our team of well-connected off-page SEO strategists knows how to effectively get your content to relevant bloggers, journalists, and news outlets across the country.

HARO Queries

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a forum where journalists can request quotes on various topics. In most cases, when someone answers a HARO, a link to that person’s site or organization is included in return. While this technique rarely brings referral traffic, it can boost authority and raise brand awareness. Portent will surface relevant HARO queries, finding opportunities for your team. We’ll either help you answer them, or submit an answer on your behalf.

Link Reclamation

While broken links don’t necessarily hurt performance, losing the link equity from them does present a missed opportunity. A broken link passes no authority, and some site owners may have thousands without knowing it. What’s more, your site loses link equity when you simply redirect these broken pages. The Portent off-page SEO team will chip away at them, identifying replacement links and contacting site owners to request that the link be updated.

YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube has become one of the most powerful advertising grounds on the Internet. Identifying and partnering with relevant influencers on the platform can be an impactful part of your off-page SEO strategy. We’ll scour YouTube, finding potential influencers to promote your brand, then build relationships with them to sponsor your products or services. We’ll take care of all the price negotiations, contracts, editorial calendars, and reporting. You’ll know you’re getting the best price for inline video integrations, and we’ll maintain a great relationship with your group of influencers so you don’t have to. We’ve saved one client more than $150,000 in negotiations alone, increasing return on investment (ROI) and reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA) significantly.

The Off-Page SEO/Digital PR Team at Portent

Comprising marketing professionals with backgrounds in marketing, media relations, and journalism, our team works tirelessly to build relationships with media outlets, creating and promoting great content that represents your brand at its best. We are continually honing our craft to capitalize on the right strategies to earn your brand the links, coverage, and organic visibility you are seeking.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our team approaches link building and off-page SEO, you can read more on the Portent blog.

We offer off-page SEO services for companies of all sizes. For more information, or If you’re interested in working with Portent, reach out!

The Proof

Don’t take our word for it; below are just some examples of how Portent’s off-page SEO strategies have helped clients achieve business-changing growth.

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