Yahoo RAIS Video Ad PPC

The New Yahoo Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) Beta

by Michael Wiegand 13 Mar, 2012

I can see the video before I click the ad! With Google seemingly rolling out ad extensions every month, the Bing/Yahoo Search Alliance has lagged frightfully behind in terms of ad innovation. Until now. Rich Ads in Search (RAIS) is a hybrid answer to Google’s Ad Sitelinks Extensions and Product Listing Ads. We’ll walk through… Read More

Increase CTR PPC

6 Tips to Increase Your Click-Through Rate

by Ryan Moothart 23 Feb, 2012

Click-through rates (or CTRs as we in the business call them) are an important indicator for both your keywords and your ads. It may not be a direct indicator of your conversion performance, but it is a direct indicator of how effectively you’re reaching your target audience. If you’re dissatisfied with the CTR levels in… Read More


The Idiot’s Guide to AdWords Extension Ads

by Ryan Moothart 7 Feb, 2012

You can say a lot of things about Google. You can praise them for setting the standard all search engines seek to meet. You can damn them for being the closest thing to a monopoly we’ve seen on the internet. But one thing you can’t do is chastise them for being boring. Have you seen… Read More


Midnight Madness PPC

by Elizabeth Marsten 23 Nov, 2011

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, it’s fast approaching. I’m sure you’ve got your campaigns all pumped up with holiday-riffic ad copy burgeoning with sales and promo codes sitting in an Editor file, ready to go. And course, have your daily budgets set to skyrocket to keep up with demand. People sure a love a deal.… Read More

what-is-google-adwords1 PPC

Wordstream infographic: How an Adwords Auction Works

by Ian Lurie 17 Nov, 2011

I don’t often re-post other people’s stuff, but I love this guide to Adwords auctions from Wordstream: © 2011 WordStream – a certified AdWords partner. (Click the image to visit and see the full graphic)

carrlllllll PPC

7 ways to trash your Adwords Quality Score

by Ian Lurie 11 Nov, 2011

Yesterday I gave a plain English explanation of Adwords quality score: Why it exists and how it (probably) works. Today we get to have some fun: There are soooo many ways to destroy your quality score. I’ll explain the top 7, and give a tip for improving your score at the same time. 1: The… Read More

qs PPC

Adwords quality score, explained for non-nerds

by Ian Lurie 11 Nov, 2011

You may bid more than anyone else for the phrase ‘rubber duckies’ in Google Adwords. But that doesn’t guarantee you a top ranking. Your quality score influences your position, too. You may, for example, be able to get a #1 Adwords ranking while bidding for the #2 spot. Bizarre, I know. But here’s how it… Read More


AdWords Ads with Email Form

by Elizabeth Marsten 3 Nov, 2011

I haven’t heard much about Contact Form Extensions since PPC Hero talked about the beta last January 2010 (yeah, AWHILE ago) and all but forgot about it until I ran across it today myself. Searching on what will be a super hot topic, well now, I found a contact extension form ad in the sidebar,… Read More

east11_spkr_f PPC

Speaking at SMX East -NYC

by Elizabeth Marsten 2 Sep, 2011

If you’re attending SMX East this September at the Jacob K. Javits Center, look for me! I’ll be on the Q&A panel for Ask the Paid Search Buyers on Thursday the 15th. Bring the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about PPC. And you’ll definitely not want to miss my presentation on How to Create… Read More


How to Fake it: Automating PPC When You Can’t Afford the Machine

by Elizabeth Marsten 22 Aug, 2011

I pitched SMX Advanced this year for the Human vs. Machines: What’s the Best Way to Manage Paid Search? session. I didn’t get accepted (sniff) but that’s doesn’t mean that my pitch can’t be a most excellent blog post. I knew I was a little off the beaten track with it anyway, but that is… Read More

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