The Coming Mobile SEO End Times

Ian Lurie

Whoops. We had one crucial piece of data wrong: is just fine. As part of this test, we checked home and internal pages. Except for one site: Wikipedia. Go figure. We’ve updated the infographic and are putting the word out.

Google’s big mobile algorithm update is coming in a few weeks. Nerds that we are here at Portent, we wanted to see how ready the Web really is for this.

We’re all doomed. Or at least, 10,000 sites are.

We tested 25,000 sites rated as ‘top sites’ by the Majestic Million and Alexa.

10,000 failed:


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(Just be sure to give us credit, ok?)

The Department of Homeland Security seems like the kind of site you might want to access from your phone in an emergency. In my opinion. Call me crazy. 40 other US Government sites failed too, just FYI.

Method and discoveries

I’ll be writing more about what we learned regarding Google’s mobile test tools in another post. Suffice it to say our lack of faith is… founded.

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  1. Lol god damn fear mongers,only kidding, your title reeks of the usual SEO BS we hear from time to time, only it fits the bill perfectly for this coming update, yep I think this will shock a lot of people who don’t implement Mobile Friendly design into their site’s, the giggle monster have clearly stated well in advance to get your house in order before this update comes.
    To be honest it will be an interesting event to document please do follow up with your findings cant wait for the SEO is dead on slought afterwards. All the best cheers for the insight Ian.

    1. You know, a few people told me I was suggesting SEO is Dead. I’m embarrassed – that really wasn’t what I mean. It’s more “Get our crap together or we’re doomed” not “SEO won’t work any more.”

  2. Sorry Ian I know that’s not what you were really saying I had only just watched a webinar you guys did on Link Building in 2015 and was kinda referencing a little joke ye had talked about of a certain .net site.

  3. I heard that this went live on 4/21… but I kept checking the organic search results for particular term(s) related to wedding DJs in Portland, OR. The results on 4/21 and today look the same as they did prior to 4/21. Did this rollout get delayed? I even spot checked a few of the sites on the front page and half of them failed the mobile friendly check… yet there they are… still on the front page. My own site was only created about a month ago so I’m impatiently waiting for it to get indexed and climb the rankings.

    1. Mobile-friendliness isn’t the ONLY factor, remember. An optimized title tag, for example, would help you rank higher. Take a look at the Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO for a few best practices you can implement:
      And Google’s rolling out the algorithm update a bit at a time – they always do.

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