PPC Hero’s Ultimate Guide is Even Better Than the Real Thing

by Ryan Moothart 9 Aug, 2011

Google AdWords has an indicator it uses to measure the value and fidelity of any given advertising account: the all-mighty quality score. OK, I’m exaggerating the eminence of this barometer just a bit, but it’s still a highly important measurement that every PPC account manager has to be consistently aware of. For those that are… Read More


MSN adExcellence Exam Guide

by Elizabeth Marsten 5 Aug, 2011

You’ve seen the blog posts- the painstakingly written over 5 months series on taking the MSN adExcellence exam, but the clicking from post to post and inability to look at them while taking the exam is NO MORE. That’s right, all the posts have been compiled into a handy FREE downloadable ebook that you can… Read More


The Yin and Yang of PPC – Search Network Campaigns vs. Display Network Campaigns

by Ryan Moothart 2 Aug, 2011

The concept of yin yang is not one based in the morality of good versus evil; rather, it pertains to the diametric relationship between two parts of a single force. I have found that PPC advertising pertains directly to this concept. Those of you who have managed an account on Google AdWords will know that… Read More

Make ad decisions faster! PPC

Ad Comparison Tool

by Michael Wiegand 13 Jul, 2011

A few weeks back, I wrote a guest post on PPC Hero about the Profit per Impression (PPI) metric. In the post, I talk about calculating PPI manually using an Excel Spreadsheet. To that end, I created a free spreadsheet to do just that: the Ad Comparison Tool! How does the Ad Comparison Tool work?… Read More


AdWords Comparison Ads for Finance

by Elizabeth Marsten 24 May, 2011

First introduced in 2009 for mortgages, Comparison Ads have expanded into the promised additional areas of credit cards, CDs, Checking and Savings accounts. Rolled out today, the expanded Google Advisor tool is open for business. I began immediately by taking test drives in both the user interface and in search to see what the ads… Read More


Complete Guide to Taking the Microsoft adExcellence Exam

by Elizabeth Marsten 2 May, 2011

It’s taken me longer than I wanted, but finally I have documented the highlights from each of the 32 videos (so that you don’t have to watch them all) and hopefully saved you a couple of hours at least. Total running time is 2hrs and 35mins, not counting load up time or any note taking… Read More


Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 7

by Elizabeth Marsten 28 Apr, 2011

FINALLY, the last installment of the MSN AdCenter Exam series- having to do with the adCenter Desktop Editor. It’s been a long haul, but from what I understand there are some of you out there that got some value out of the series. So I thank you for staying tuned and staying with me. I’ll… Read More


Dealing With AdWords and Analytics Data Discrepancies

by Elizabeth Marsten 26 Apr, 2011

Today’s post is brought to you by Bethany Bey of PPC Hero! In a touching speech by President Jack Nicholson, he asks alien invaders “Why can’t we work out our differences? Why can’t we work things out? Little people, why can’t we all just get along?” Although things didn’t end so well for him, this… Read More


Bid by Position Preference – Post AdWords Feature Removal

by Ryan Moothart 8 Apr, 2011

Most of the time, I love Google. But sometimes they throw a curve ball at me and make my life more difficult. On Tuesday, Google announced it’s removing the preferred position bidding feature from AdWords starting in early May and accounts can no longer begin using the feature effective immediately. And I was having such… Read More


Taking the Microsoft AdExcellence Exam Part 6

by Elizabeth Marsten 4 Apr, 2011

Part 6 is finally here! Yeah, I know. About time. Who’s read for some Budgeting and Billing? Microsoft adCenter Budgeting (2:08) This two minute video just goes over the different options: divide across the month or per day or the spend until depleted with definitions. Daily budget is a “target” and the actual spend will… Read More

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