Free report: A Changing Standard for SEO Spam

Ian Lurie Mar 14 2013

When you look at over 250,000 links from Penguin-penalized sites, you learn a thing or two. We put together a report based on an analysis of a lot of links, and found that:

  • While folks like to portray Google as fumbling their anti-spam efforts and missing many offenders, the big G may simply be prioritizing.
  • Google is becoming less and less tolerant of link spam. So there’s no “safe” amount of manipulative links in your profile.
  • You need to talk to your SEO agency or expert. Find out what kind of links they’ve been adding. If they’re manipulative in any way, understand: You are at risk of a penalty.

No sermon here: Do what you feel is right for your business. But do it with an eyes-open understanding of the risks. If you want to see the specifics, check out our new report, “A Changing Standard for SEO Spam.” No e-mail required, no strings attached:

A Changing Standard for SEO Spam | PDF, 361kb

Please, read it!


  1. I’m handing this out to clients. I have a guy who says “My last SEO girl got our company to number one in two weeks!” “Oh, but then we plummeted at the end of last year.”
    He gets it, but this will help him really get it.

  2. Thanks Ian. I actually referenced this in my Post Penguin Link Building at SMX Sydney. People seemed really engaged.

    Thank you.

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