SEO 101 – Mobilizing the Public 2017

Shannon Walsh Aug 8 2017

Slide Deck and Resources

Slides from my presentation at Feeding America’s Mobilizing the Public Conference plus helpful tools, additional resources and free ebooks!


  • Portent SEO Page Review Plugin A helpful tool for reviewing title tags, meta descriptions and other on page HTML elements.
  • Answer the Public Get related content ideas with data scraped from Google’s “related searches” feature. This tool is awesome for content ideation or simply making your current content more robust.
  • WebPageTest Test to see if your site adheres to basic site speed best practices.
  • ImageOptim Easily compress images on your site to improve page load time.
  • Check server response for pages on your site.
  • Search Console Create a free Search Console account with Google to check the health of your site and look for opportunities to reclaim links.

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