Portent's 15 Most Popular Social Media Posts of 2012

The world didn’t end last week, meaning that whole 2012 Social Media Year-in-Review bit was a little off.

Ostrich Social Media Year-in-Review

On the other hand, it also means I get to bring you the countdown of our 15 most popular social media posts of 2012. We had a ton of social content on our blog throughout the year, so without further ado, here’s the list.

  1. Best Practices: New Twitter Headers and Mobile Updates
    Twitter abruptly released profile “header” images in September – a huge change to user profiles. Our post includes instructions on uploading a header image and tips for optimization.
    Portent Twitter Header
  2. Facebook’s Timeline “Like Gate” Bug Solution (For Now): This bug has since been fixed, but you can still use our template for better “like gate” design.
  3. Optimize Your New LinkedIn Company Page in 7 Steps: LinkedIn made plenty of design changes this year, including October’s redesign of company pages. This guide has everything you need to know.
    LinkedIn SEO Profile
  4. How to Use Hootsuite and Twitter Lists to Engage Your Audience: Want to become a more engaged Twitter user? Here’s your introduction to Hootsuite and Twitter lists.
  5. Google Plus Box Ranking Factors Report: The launch of Google+ in 2011 has also had an impact on search. But how does Google decide which Google+ profiles get a spot in the ‘Plus Box’?
    Google Plus Box
  6. 44 Ways ‘The Hunger Games’ Social Media Campaign Increased the Movie’s Odds of Success: Setting box office records when it was released in March, The Hunger Games popularity was also boosted by its wide-reaching social media campaign.
  7. The 10 Dumbest Tweets of All Time & the Idiots Who Wrote Them: There have been plenty of moronic tweets, yet these brands and people set the bar pretty high (or low). We could easily add to this list after what we’ve seen this year.
    Kenneth Cole Tweet Fail
  8. 6 Reasons to Ignore Facebook Search (For Now): Mark Zuckerberg mentions a Facebook search engine and the Internet freaks out. This is why everyone needs to settle down.
  9. Facebook Is Watching You: Is Facebook recording your every move on the social network? After seeing a Reddit post, we posted this walkthrough so you could see the evidence for yourself.
  10. Introducing the Facebook Custom Tab Generator: Need to create a custom tab for a Facebook page? Just use this handy generator.
    App Info Screenshot showing values for YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_CANVAS_URL
  11. Claim Your New Pinterest Business Page Today: Pinterest finally released business accounts last month. This post explains the process of claiming yours.
  12. How to Tweet Like You’re Not a Business: Humans want to interact with humans on Twitter. So if you have a business account, here’s a crash course in tweeting like a human.
  13. How to Optimize Your Google+ Local Business Page: If you own a business, you need must be on Google+ Local. That, or you run the risk of not being seen.
  14. You’ll “Like” Our Facebook Timeline Guide: Introducing our Timeline Dimensions page on Facebook, a living infographic of (what was then) the new Facebook Timeline.
  15. Why Your Twitter Profile Picture Is More Important Than You Thought: Why’s it important to make your Twitter profile picture standout? More eyeballs means the more likely your content will be seen.


What kind of posts would you like to see more of in 2013? Let us know in the comments, and check back for more content in the New Year.

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