Free e-book: Social Media Monitoring w/ Google Reader

Ian Lurie Aug 12 2009

I’ve been kind of a jerk lately, even by my standards. My guilt is your gain, though – I just finished writing an e-book, and I’m making it available free, no strings attached:
The Fat-Free Guide to Conversation Monitoring shows you how to monitor what folks say about you in social media using Google Reader and a few keyword searches.
You can read it online in Scribd format, or download it, both from this link:

Disclaimer: There are some exceptionally cool social media monitoring tools out there. I am in no way trying to say you can do what those tools do using nothing but Google Reader. But it’s a great way to start.

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  1. Thank you very much for the free download! I will hopefully get a chance to read further into it later in the week. So far the insights look great and I can’t wait to read the whole thing.

  2. Travis


    Thanks Ian,
    This is a win/win. I love it when you are a big fat jerk, it makes for some entertaining yet educational reading material. And now, with the guilt you are carrying around we get a “free” book.
    Does it get any better?

  3. Caleb Mardini

    Caleb Mardini

    Ian, Thanks that was helpful. I use Google Reader fairly heavily, but hadn’t brought these queries into it before.

  4. Thanks for that, just discovered Google reader recently and need to try and make the most of it, hopefully this will help!

  5. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the book. I appreciate that you are willing to share your knowledge with the masses. I am a somewhat regular reader who enjoys your blog and your style of writing.

  6. Beth


    Fabulous, thank you! It’s easy to use and is going to be incredibly useful. Thanks so much.

  7. Gregory


    This is a great feature. Thanks Ian.

  8. Calle


    I have used Reader just for reading blogs for a long time, but this was great new advice! Great tips, and really fun to read through!

  9. Sally


    Hey Ian
    Wow your guide was great, it really helped me, didn’t have a clue about the twitter search page, I am going to have a think about my main keywords then set up alerts for them right now.
    The book was really easy to understand, short and too the point, not filled with rubbish, which is always a good thing in my eyes.
    Thanks so much, Sally :)

  10. Hi Ian:
    Thanks for the eBook…
    Glad to see the family name extends to the Pacific NW.
    Greetings from London (ex-SA).

  11. Ian:
    Thanks for sharing…it’s a good thing.

    I’ve used Google Alerts for brand monitoring, but not Reader.
    Will give it a view and check out your queries.


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