Twitter's Vine App Looks Awesome

If you haven’t tried it yet, Twitter’s new iOS Vine app is the Instagram of moving pictures. Riding the coattails of the resurging graphics interchange format (that’s a .gif for everyone playing at home), Vine records six seconds of video to upload on the Vine social network, Twitter and Facebook – that’s about it for right now.

Shooting a video on Vine is dead simple. Press your thumb on the screen to record, lift your thumb off the screen to stop. The editing system is so easy, my Taiwanese mountain dog could do it.


Since Twitter created the app, you can expect two things:

1. Vine uses Twitter rules in updates

Hashtags and tagging other accounts work the same as they do on Twitter. Posts uploaded in the Vine social network don’t have to adhere to Twitter’s 140 character limits. However, when sharing Vine updates on Twitter, the Vine URL will take up roughly 21 characters.

If you don’t want Twitter to take a bite out of your message, limit your Vine status updates to 110 characters.

2. Facebook is pissed about Vine

As Mike Isaac reported on All Things D, there was a brief moment that Vine published updates to Facebook. No such luck only one day later. If users try to publish on Facebook or search for Facebook friends on the Vine app, they’ll be left with an annoying error message.

Vine Facebook


This isn’t the first rodeo for Facebook and Twitter. Back in December, Twitter disconnected from Facebook’s newly acquired Instagram by removing access to Twitter cards, which disabled the best part of Instagram’s photo integration.

Since you’ve always wondered, here’s our Vine-enabled six second tour through the Portent office at the Smith Tower (as well as some other random moments).






End call to action


  1. Doug thank you for showcasing this brand new app! This can definitely become beneficial to realtors in that they can really begin to connect with others through this mini recording and editing service.

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