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15 Blog Designs That Inspire Me

by Ian Lurie 3 Jun, 2008

In internet marketing, you have to design something, eventually. When I’m stuck I do what any good creative does: Steal. Here are 15 blogs from which I regularly steal get ideas. A List Apart A List Apart is an old favorite of mine. The design is one of the best examples of a 3-column layout… Read More

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Stock Photos Don’t Have To Suck

by Ian Lurie 30 Apr, 2008

Stock photos don’t kill campaigns. Campaigns using stock photos kill campaigns. I just found a very smart (and funny) article about stock photos on Information Rain. Chris’s point: Most stock photography is just awful. But fear not! You can use stock photos without looking ridiculous. Here are a few tips: Choose Photos With a Purpose… Read More

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Create Rusty Metal Text in Photoshop: Tutorial

by Jarrod Medrano 25 Apr, 2008

Recently I was looking for a way to make some cool rusted metal text in Photoshop, and after searching through a few metal text tutorials on Google I decided that all of them were garbage. So I messed around for a while and created my own.

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Actionscript 3 Particles Tutorial

by Jarrod Medrano 7 Apr, 2008

  Today I’m going to show you how to do something a little more fun than usual. We’re going to be making a simple particle system in Flash CS3. Subscribe to my RSS feed on Veoh  Actionscript 3 Particles Tutorial Part One Actionscript 3 Particles Tutorial Part Two

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Advanced Actionscript 3 Preloader

by Jarrod Medrano 25 Mar, 2008

Watch me do my best Bob Ross impression while teaching you how to create a preloader in Actionscript 3. No happy trees included. Video after the jump!

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Embedding Flash the Smart Way with SWFObject

by Jarrod Medrano 11 Mar, 2008

There are several ways to embed Flash on a web page – some are better than others. Here’s the one we’ve found to work best: First, you’ll need to go to the SWFObject home page to download the javascript. You can also read up on SWFObject here. The example html included inside the zip file… Read More

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Pauli Exclusion for the Techie and Creative in Internet Marketing

by Portent Staff 11 Mar, 2008

Internet marketing is a blend of technology and creative. When putting together a landing page campaign or whole new site, you have designers who create the art and the developers who make it do magic.
Some companies make the mistake of having their developer also be the designer. Not good. You’ll end up with a really, really large title text in font size 32 mismatched with really small paragraph text in font size 10. Colors will probably consist of black, white, blue or red and no shades in between. Your background will have some sort of funky rainbow gradient. Not to mention the mega indignation from the developer explaining, “Yeah, it doesn’t look great but it works.”
Just don’t do go there. Get artists to create the art and lay it out nicely. Get developers to make the buttons do something. You’ve probably heard of the Pauli Exclusion Principle at some point in your science classes – no two electrons can occupy the same space at the same time. Think of web design roles similarly. Programmers are not designers. Designers are not programmers. They do not occupy the same brain space at the same time, or a design/functional collision disaster could be the result!
Don’t take my word for it, though. See for yourself.

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The Struggle for Validation

by Portent Staff 28 Feb, 2008

  Earlier this morning, Ian sent me an email saying that the Portent Website code was great. Near perfect, even! But one thing was weighing on his mind. We weren’t passing the W3 Markup Validation. That giant red “THIS SITE ISN’T XHTML TRANSITIONAL!” message was searing into his poor SMX-addled eyeballs and I was the… Read More

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Class up your link icons with CSS background images

by Portent Staff 21 Feb, 2008

I loathe the term “web 2.0″. I think catch phrases are easy and unimaginative, and calling the recent boom of easy to use and engaging websites “web 2.0″ seems to cheapen them. It sounds too trendy. It sounds like there will be a “web 3.0″ and that “web 2.0″ will become obsolete once we get… Read More

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5 Easy Tips for Web Typography

by Ian Lurie 20 Feb, 2008

Web typography is an art that I’ve never totally grasped – I have to be honest. But I have learned some basic rules worth remembering: 1: Line Spacing Always use at least 1 full line between lines of text, like this: On my blog, I use 1.5em. Reading online text is a pain – wider… Read More

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