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10 tips for minimal-mayhem agency site redesign

by Ian Lurie 16 Nov, 2011

If you run an internet marketing agency, you have one client you dread more than any other: Yourself. We launched a revamped Portent site several months back, then rebuilt this site a bit later. In 16 years, I think we’ve rebuilt our company site 8 or 9 times. Some lessons I’ve learned: You’re a frakking… Read More

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New SEO tool: Server response code tester

by Ian Lurie 22 Aug, 2011

AKA: The Responsinator Lee Odden, Todd Malicoat, Jonathan Allen and I did a site clinic/lab at SES San Francisco last week. Of 5 sites we reviewed, 4 delivered the wrong response codes if I: Visited a broken link on the site. A server should respond with a ‘404’ error code. Most of these servers instead… Read More

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UK & European Cookie Law Solution (Free Script)

by Andy Schaff 1 Jun, 2011

A European cookie law that regulates the use of web browser cookies is now in effect in the UK. That cookie law is based on guidelines set by the European Union. In a nutshell, the law states that websites must get a user’s consent before storing cookies on their device (computer, mobile phone, iPad, etc).… Read More

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The Worst of Google Logos

by Jarrod Medrano 9 May, 2011

Over the past couple of years the extremely bored artists at Google have taken to celebrating random holidays around the world, by creating a new Google Logo EVERY DAY. Obviously there is not much work for an artist at Google; all of their art is generated by algorithms. The very few artists there are forced… Read More

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Why all web developers should learn SEO

by Ian Lurie 27 Apr, 2011

When I wrote Why all SEOs should learn to program lots of people sent me compliments and praise. That was fun. Now time for the hate, I suspect. If SEOs need to learn to program, then web developers need to learn SEO. Scream if you want. You can reach me on Twitter at @portentint. Who… Read More

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Visualizing Data with Infographics

by Doug Antkowiak 25 Apr, 2011

Need to explain the evolution of the internet in less than five minutes? Or maybe demonstrate an R analysis of the length of baseball games over the last 30 years? Try using an infographic. Infographics (informational graphics) are one of the best ways to display complex data or conceptual information in a quick and easy-to-read… Read More

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Easy CSS Columns: to Float or not to Float?

by Jarrod Medrano 31 Mar, 2011

This method is based upon Float-less Layout. But I have made it simpler to fit my needs. I also don’t like how they make their entire site a list, while it seems to make sense, I find that putting a whole bunch of stuff inside a list becomes annoying fast, just like using tables. Since… Read More

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I’m not crazy: 10 great, content-friendly web designs

by Ian Lurie 27 Dec, 2010

A marketer walks into a meeting, ready to see the newest designs for their client’s site. The new design is beautiful. It makes everyone weep with joy. It’s also totally devoid of text. The marketer (or SEO, or copywriter, or strategist) walks back out of the meeting, punches a wall until their hand flattens, and… Read More

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5 response codes you gotta know: Learn to speak server

by Ian Lurie 19 Nov, 2010

Whether you’re an internet marketing wonk, a top IT geek or an SEO pro, you need to know how to speak web server. Not fluently, of course. If you can do the equivalent of asking where the bathroom is, you’ll be in good shape. That’s what I’m going to go over now. When you visit… Read More

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Defensive design cost-benefit analysis, courtesy of Wells Fargo

by Ian Lurie 3 Sep, 2010

The short version: Learn to use the TRIM() command in whatever programming language you’re using, so you remove spaces that some poor soul accidentally includes in a data they enter via web form. The TRIM() command Every programming language has some version of the TRIM() command. TRIM() removes leading and trailing spaces from any alphanumeric… Read More